How could I lose a lot of weight, fast?
DepressedButWellDressed7 DepressedButWellDressed7
18-21, F
5 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Don't eat


Drinking a lot of water

make sure you burn more calories than you consume... for instance if you ate a total of 1800 calories you would want to burn at the very least 1801 calories... if you are unsure of how to track your calories there is an app called my fitness pal that helps

500 calorie diet.

Make sure you lose it in healthy ways, diets like breeze suggested, in which you eat as much as you need, just avoiding some foods (Especially sugary drinks, including zero cal crap), instead of the Dr. Oz fad diets, will allow you to lose weight in a healthy matter and keep it off. There is no miracle pill. Just eating right and exercising.

Good question. I love food way too much.