I run cross country, so I lift 3 days a week and run 8-9 miles, 6 days a week and I do not have a flat stomach. I guess I don't eat very healthily, but I still am very active so I should be nice and skinny and have a flat stomach. I'm 115 lbs but I just want to lose my stomach.
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The same ..I'm 114lbs I don't not have flat stomach and I do not eat healthy I do exercise so I really hate my stomach I'm going to start eating healthy from tmw.

You are an athlete and should embrace the strong body you have. Flat stomachs are for skinny, weak people.

Do you do crunches? Or an work outs? Like planks? That's what my cross country coach use to make us do. The core work outs are very important.

I dont really do anything. Sometimes i get mad that i pig out and I'll do sit-ups buts other then that i never work out unless its for a sport. Which i only do one

Crunches, planks, bench press, twists, biceps, etc.

Im a 112.7 and i dont do anything and i eat awful. It may just be your body type. Some people are unable to loose weight. And because you are lifting your gaining muscle which adds weight.