I'm really not sure what experience this would fit into, so I'll post it to a few because I need help. The past few days I haven't spoke a lot or eaten a lot. I've just been in my own head for some reason. I'm not starving myself or keeping anything to myself, I've just lost my appetite suddenly and don't feel the end to talk about anything. I'll get hungry, so I'll go to eat, but after about 2 forkfuls of food, I'll feel sick and full and so I stop eating. Why is this?
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2 Responses Aug 25, 2014

Are u anxious about anything as this can trigger feelings of nausea even after a small amount of food hope ur ok tho

You could be ill with something minor (I had something happen very similar to this) in which case a drink that cleans your system may help. You might want to call a doctor in case it's something more serious.