Struggling Since Forever.

I've felt fat since elementary school, I used to eat a lot of junk when I was younger, but I started eatting better in high school, so I don't know where all the weight would come from.  During early high school I weighed 135, and felt huge yet, but right now I'd be thrilled to be there. However when I weighed that much, I didn't eat breakfast or lunch. I would only eat dinner, since that's the only meal I had to eat with my family. Then when I went to college I weighed about 150, and all my roomates were skinny, so I felt more pressure. I then started picking at my meals, picking off the edges of the hamburger buns or edges of the sandwhiches, so I could only eat the middle. Then I would go back to our dorm room and "brush my teeth".  I ended up throwing up whatever I did eat and then brush my teeth. A few years later I ended up getting really depressed  from a breakup and the dr. put me on depression pills, and these made me gain even more weight.  I was up to 200 now, and 2 years later my grandmother died, and I became even more depressed (I was put on different depression pills since the other ones weren't working, but only making me gain weight). The biggest I have been was 255. I have moved back home, since my depression effected my schooling, started working out more, I don't drink very often, and eat healthier.

Krysta Krysta
22-25, F
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Thanks truthinker. I will check it out.

its hard too. even when you lose weight its hard to keep it off.