I Have Turned to Food As My Comfort

 H ello, I am new here to this site and im trying to get support from a different source. I wanted to share my story.......


In the year of 06 my husband and i met on a chat line, unfortunately he lives in the U.S.A and i live in Canada. We live so far from one another and we were very much in love from the moment we met in person. We decided to get married so he propose the year of 07 and we got married the summer of 08. Unfortunately we go weeks without seeing one another and the long distance relationship is extremely hard and frustrating. In the year of 07 before i got engaged i went to his hometown and spent 6 months there. It developed our future we knew what we wanted and exactly what we wanted to do about it from that time forward. When i got back home, everything was great but when i went to the border they declined my entrance long story about that want to try to keep this short.  So it was then we decided to rush the marriage , so we planned 8 months and then got married and the plan was for me to move to his hometown. We get to the border (remind you that the border had told us the only way for us to be together and get me across again was to get married so indeed thats what happend) so we went to the border a week after we got married and they again broke our hearts and declined my entry. From that day forward i have been under extreme depression i have gained almost one hundred pounds i went from a size 10 to a size 20-22 i have no idea what to do with my life, my husband and i have only seen eachother twice since we have been married we have done everything the border has told us to do and now we are waiting around from a response from the government. I need some help i have been turning to food as comfort i want to stop and i need help on how to do so. Im losing my faith, my feelings, my fatigue, and finally myself. 

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i too used to "eat my feelings" what worked for me was FA (Food Addicts) it helped a lot. You can look it up at http://foodaddicts.org/index.html it has the same principles as a AA group would have, because after all over eating is an addiction, and every addiction should be taken seriously.I lost over 40lb within 3 months in the group. You should try it, they even have sponsers for you. Good luck!

Think about the next time you do see your husband. Do you want him to see you after you let yourself go? Stay positive, You WILL see him soon, start preparing for it. Eat small portions through out the day, 3 veggies a day, 3 fruit, 3 proteins 6 oz each time, only 1 starch. I lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks like this. You are keeping your metabolism running all day by constantly snacking on fruits ect.. here is a sample:<br />
Breakfast- 2 egg omlete with mushrooms, fruit cup<br />
mid morning snack- carrot sticks, pretzles<br />
Lunch- Cottage cheese cup ( protein) veg<br />
afternoon snack- jello cup, fruit<br />
Dinner- Chic, baked potato, veg<br />
This with light exercise and the pounds will melt off.. Remember protein is the key . 20 min on the treadmill everyday will also help. Keep your chin up, It will all work out.

I would suggest some counseling for you as well as choosing alternative activities when stress really needs a release. This is not healthy for yo now and in the long run will jeopardize your health and life severely.