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so when i was younger i used to think that 130 was hugeee and my dad used to call me fat all the time when made me feel bad about myself so i just gave up tryin and ate more and more and now i was about  190 and i cut down on alot of what i was eating cuz of stress and went down to 170 but between my sister and my dad calling me fat it just makes me feel bad about myself i try to ignore there comments but its really hard expecially when its family. i need some advice on what to do. and how to lose weight. got any advice? i dont eat any fast food or drink soda which helps alot and i eat breakfast lunch n dinner btu wht can i do exercise wise without buyign equipment?

ColesOneandonly18 ColesOneandonly18
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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Exactly, walking is great because it is low impact and it provides exercise!

Walk, I lost 60 lb by eating right and walking, a lot, every night for at least an hour, some nights it was for almost 2 hours. I was able to do this over a 6 month period. I was focused and dedicated, but it does work.