Baby Weight

Its time for it to go, I am single and have a reason to look better again.  I started doing 2 miles 3x a week.  Wish me luck!

36-40, F
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No umbrella, I just chase the baby through the puddles.... and the mudd....

Best of luck

Get an umbrella and walk in the rain. That is fun.

dont know what that is, also its been raining so feel guilty for not doing the walking

thanks guys, I am also doing a set of squats and a set of pushups. Hope it works.

good luck

Well done MistressRoxy! Walking has helped me a lot as well, I walk about 2,5 miles every day and it has worked wonderes to shape me up, and to lose quite a few pounds as well! I walk wherever I go because I don't drive so that keeps motivated! LOL!!

Good luck whatever you do!

My advice - If I may - Cut out all soda. Don't eat after 7 pm.<br />
<br />
Eat breakfast and lunch but a small dinner. <br />
Include working out with weights on the nights you don't go running.<br />
<br />
Work for 3 weeks then take a 1 week break but do stretches during that week.<br />
<br />
These are things that I am doing and it seems to work.