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Okay, so here's the not-so-skinny. I'm 18 and use to weigh 250, then I lost an amazing 90 pounds and although I was still "thick" (as my husband calls it) I felt good. Well he's in the army, and we just PCS's (moved) and I became a housewife (at least until I can find a job). Low and behold, three months goes by and I gain 15 pounds! Not only is it making my self esteem drop (not that I had much already) but its making me tired, sluggish, and out of jeans that fit. I don't have to money to go to a gym, buy equipment, or some fancy diet. Any excersices that have worked for you or tips on cutting cravings would be most welcome. Thankies! =)

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I have done no exercise for three years, I used a major operation as an excuse, and deep slippery snow. The I got used to sitting here with my Laptop. If I went anywhere I drove, no matter how short the distance. I recently sold my car and now when I go out I have to walk to the nearest bus stop, 300 yards away. At the start I had to stop several times, I had no muscle strength. I am pleased to say I can make it all the way without stopping. A major achievement. Now I want to build up to 2 miles - the distance to my nearest Naturist/Nudist beach, I have missed going there.

i hear a LOT of sex works wonders :)

Another vote for walking. If you have a place nearby that you can make your destination, do that. I have a cemetery about 3/4 mile away that is beautiful. I'm guaranteed at least 1.5 miles round trip, plus I walk around inside the cemetery for anywhere between 30 min and an hour, so that's extra distance. Just adding that activity has done wonders for me.<br />
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If you have an mp3 pla<x>yer, listen to music while you walk. It makes it go faster. Or recruit a friend who is willing to walk with you.

First thing, I agree with loopnscc and DanaeSoibhan, walking is the best way to exercise and I always say so to everybody here because it's worked wonders for me. It's cheap, healthy, ecological, esay and you can squeeze it in every daily schedule. Another good thing is using some DVD courses at home, they're cheap and don't need any special equipment. As for a diet, don't avoid carbs, but reduce them, and read carefully the food labels, because there's a lot of hidden fat, sugar and salt (which is no good too!) everywhere. Avoid precooked or junk food, cook your meals with fresh products whenever you can so you can control the intake of calories, fats etc. Don't avoid your favourite food completely, it will just make you crave it more. Instead, eat only a portion or a low-calorie version of it if it's on purchase, or eat it from time to time only. Never consider fasting! I've lost about 33 lbs in 6 moths, and I didn't cut on chocolate or pizza altogether.

Start walking for at least an hour a day at a good pace. Keep the diet health, stay away from fats and sugars. Fill a gallon milk bottle with water and us that as your weights. Keep it simple and stay focused and you will lose it quickly.

weight watchers works oh and taebo works too.