I Want to Lose Weight

i have always loved to eat - come on, food is amazing! - and have been slightly overweight for most of my life. in high school, my boyfriend and i (still together) loved to just sit around and eat junk food. it was like a bonding experience! i took it overboard and now weigh 250 pounds. i also am an emotional eater, because i know that food will never let me down - it'll always taste good! i think that i'm addicted to good-tasting food, like a drug.

but yes, i do want to lose weight. lately i've been trying to eat small meals every few hours to keep myself from getting too hungry, cuz if i do i know i'll go eat three cheeseburgers or something. i also have a dog now, and living in an apartment, i have to walk it every day. my neighborhood is really hilly, so i get a good workout on these walks.

i've tried and failed at every single diet, but this time it's different! i want to be healthy, not just skinny, and even if i screw up for one day, i'm not gonna give up. i'm ready to match my outside to the way i feel on the inside - young and beautiful!

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

yes its always good to believe in yourself! because if you believe in yourself, you can do anything!<br />
Life is not worth living if you starve yourself etc. so its' good to see that you are having a healthy diet and doing some exercise. don't forget to treat yourself once in a while. you'll find that you'll enjoy your treat if you've done well!

That's the key, not getting discouraged. You can do it!