I Want to Change

I'm sick of being judged by my weight and not being able to fit into the nicest clothes. I'm currently a size 16. I used to be quite lean. But since grade 8 my weight just steadly increased. I went from being 140 to my current weight (5 years later) to the 190 range. I've started my attempt to lose weight again. I'm about 185 ish right now. I want to be around 150. I find it hard to commit to the routine of exercise. I have Wii fit right now and it's great but I find myself not working out as much as I did the first month I had it. It's hard to fit in time with working full time and being in a relationship. My boyfriend has a ridiculus metabolism and can eat anything he likes. It's hard because he is eating all the food I want to eat and always give into temptation. I want to lose this weight. I'm sick of being asked how far along I am in my pregnancy, even though I'm not pregnant! I want to feel comfortable in my body again and feel good about myself and live a healthier life.

Maemi Maemi
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4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

lots of men and women judge us by hollywoods weight standers if ur not a size 0 we are fat . <br />
iam a size 16 too and iam losing weight becalse of heart problems . if god wanted us all to be size 0 the world would<br />
a borning place mmm. i think god loves us all 1-16 what ever our size we are all good. oh my cell phone ring plays <br />
the song i like big buttts .hehe

Thanks for the comments guys ^_^ I think I'll take your advice faerie. I'll eat with him when it's something I concider healthy or if we are going out to a resturant or something :P And Queen? I feel te same way about looking at pictures back when I was like 140ish. I thought I was bigger than too, but that's because I hung around a lot of short and thin gymnastic types lol like 90-120 range. Looking back I would kill to have my body back lol

ok, I am the same height and weight. well, I have lost a few inches and am in a size 12 but I still weigh around 180. I want to be 150. Let me tell you right now, relationships are toxic for your physical health. Especially catering to a guy who can eat whatever he wants... it's not a good influence. I suggest you start eating separately right now... eat different things at different times. Share a nice breakfast on Sunday or dinner on Saturday, but don't get in the habit of eating together. Just my two cents. :) good luck!

OMG! That happened to me too. My uncle thought I was preggers and even touched my stomach. My husband was deployed at the time and I had been gaining weight cause I eat when I'm sad. I've gained more weight since. I weigh about the same as you and I'm 5'2. I have the same goal as you do 150. That's how much I used to weigh before I had kids. I used to think that I was fat then, I look at my old pix and I wish I could have that body back.