Down 4 Sizes

When I met my boyfriend I was a size 17-18.  Lately I have lost a lot of weight and I wear a size 10, 11, or 12.  I will still keep all my clothes that I do not take in, because I am used to yo-yoing every few years.  Anyway, as soon as I was feeling good about this weight-loss and trying on new clothes, stretching every day, hiking at the park, etc. he dumped me.  Then I found out he cheated with my best friend who is a size 3.  This irks me to no end, because they are both thin and lean and eat whatever they want.  Talk about pressing my issues!

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Yeah, he is a jerk... I hate being in love with him sometimes. You know, during our fight he actually said, "Wait, why am I breaking up with you now that you're so hot? That's stupid." The only reason being with him helped me lose weight is that I quit eating what he eats and when he eats... so I am in control of my diet, and yes, I am doing this for me, not him.

What a jerk. But you've inspired me to try harder to lose the weight, and if I may say so, that's amazing. Thank you, and I'm sorry for the relationship problems.<br />
Take care!

Congratulations for having the STRENGTH and DETERMINATION to lose that weight. Look in the mirror and congratulate yoursel. Forget about that loser of a guy! If he doesn't realize how valuable you were, then he's not worth your time or your thoughts. Keep focused on your weight loss, and go all the way to your goal. You've gotten this far, don't stop for someone who didn't deserve you in the first place!!

Good riddance to your boyfriend. You are a beautiful person at size 10 or size 18 -- it is what is in your mind and your heart that makes you lovable. Your boyfriend probably has very low self esteem, and seeing that you were changing (and in his warped mind, more available to other men) he pre-emptively dumped you, anticipating you would be more attractive to other men and dump HIM. <br />
Celebrate being rid of this jerk, and focus on being healthy, and staying productive. Get into situations where you might meet new people. <br />
Take care!

So you're saying that being with him helped you to lose weight but then he left you so do you feel that you will put the weight back on? There is the the silver lining in that you have lost weight and could keep it off if YOU choose to. Someone being thin has nothing to do with the kind of person they are. He is rotten and so is your friend. Move on. You'll do better. Hold your emotions in check and you won't get so hurt should the relationship end. Don't give them power over you and cause you to go back to being a size 16.

if he was that easy to lose :( he wasn't worth keeping in the frist place