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I guess I want to lose weight. Just a bit. I know I will never ever be skinny in the "stick-insect" sense. My bone structure just doesn't permit it. Sometimes I do wish I was thin and other times I'm glad I have curves. If i could lose 5 kgs then I would be an absolutely perfect weight. I always get insecure about my weight because people I know arnne't as tall as me and are much thinner like stick insects, no bust, no hips and they weigh so much less than me. I do get a complex and get to wondering sometimes if I am overweight or if it is just the medias infiltration of my brain which is giving me an unreal expectation of my not-completely-mature body. Anyone got any thoughts on it? I used to have a bmi of 20-21 when I was an amateur cyclist. I'm not sure what it is now but I don't do anywhere near the same amount of exercise as I used to due to injury so I wouldn't be surprised if it had gone through the roof. I do go to the gym but...I think I could lose a couple of kilos to be honest.

Whats the healthy weight range for caucasian 18-21yo women who are 179cm tall ?! I cannot find it anywhere....

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

You are fine as you are, but if you wish to lose the weight do it because you wish to do so, not because others look skinnier of bigger than you. Just compare your self to you and be happy with yourself and do not worry about the rest.

You can determine your BMI online. Weight Watchers has a web page set up specifically for that. I am at BMI 31.1 which makes me overweight by 2 pounds. I am determined to get out of the overweight status by the end of the week and continue losing weight until I reach a BMI of about 25. So far I have lost 30 pounds since Nvember. I could have lost the entire 60 that I wanted to lose but decided that staying on a rapid weight loss program would not be beneficial in the long term. Doing it slowly is sensible and I'll have better results. People have been giving me positive comments about how much weight I have lost and it's motivation to continue doing so but I would even without their support.