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I want desperately to lose weight.  I have been steadily gaining weight for 20 years now and if the trend continues, I am in very big trouble. I am only 5'1" and my current weight is 260lbs.  I started out as a very fit, healthy, and pretty hot looking young woman and through bouts of depression and some pretty serious shame over life choices, I grew into a very sedintary and unhealthy, "feeling really old" woman.  I am ready for a life change.  The reason for me sharing my story here is because I need to reach out to people who understand what I am going through and will just encourage me through the process of trying to lose 160lbs.  That is a lot of weight to lose and as much as my family loves me and wants to see me succeed they simply have no true idea of what it means to NEED to lose that much weight, much less how to even accomplish such a daunting task.  I just want to be me again and I hope that I can make friends here that will allow me to encourage them while they encourage me.  I have no delusions about the enormity of my goal and I know that I cannot do it alone.  Let's lose weight and gain joy together.

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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

My best advice is to start small. Make a goal to lose 10% of your weight, which is 26 lbs. Or even start smaller than that, 10 pounds. Once you reach that first milestone, you will be proud of yourself and want to continue. Keep setting small milestones and eventually, you'll get to where you want to be.<br />
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Don't let yourself get discouraged. If you cheat one day, it's not the end of the world. Allow yourself to indulge sometimes and don't feel like you've sabotaged yourself completely.<br />
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Also, make an appointment with your doctor and a dietitian and have them help you with this. <br />
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As far as exercise goes, start small with that as well. Start walking a half mile or a mile a day. It will give you time to unwind from your day and will give you some energy. As you become comfortable with that distance, take it a bit further, or add different exercises to the routine. Swimming is great, and low-impact.<br />
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Believe in yourself. You CAN do this!