Wedding Weight

gah i want to lose weight so bad. I wrestled alot in highschool so weight loss was always an issue. but now that I am in college and have been diaganosed with cancer and on birth control pills i have gained weight, ..i am always tired,.. (but i am not like a saint jude cover letter,.. i have all my hair and am not on chemo or radiation )  i am 5ft and weight 135,.. not healthy at all,. plus i am getting married in july (31st) and would love to look my best. anyone have any suggestions for me,.. remember i am in college so i have no money at all but i do get all 3 meals free and have access to a gym with a pool but no treadmill or anything like that just free weights a track and a pool . ok thanks so much

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I watched a good show on the weight gain issue. <br />
They said that people that were very athletic (at any point in life) that stopped were more prone to weight gain. it also said that we train our metebolisims to work at a cerain speed. So when people that were once active stop due to health reasons or whatever, the whole weight gain thing can be a nightmare.<br />
I don't know what to suggest for you, cause I really don't know much...but I thought it could be useful information cause they said it was "new knowledge"? (could have been an old show?) LOL!<br />
I don't know how one would train the metebolism to think different, but they emphisised that diets do not work well for most people, but especially those that were normally very active? <br />
You might wanna ask a pro as I am not very smart with such things.<br />
I am really glad that your cancer isn't putting a stop on your life. So, congratulation on your engagement, good luck with your new love and (if I may say) I think you could stand to loose 1 pound and that's ONLY if YOU really think you need too? Other than that I think your perfect!<br />
Good luck!

a good mix of cardio and weight training with proper nutrition which includes eatng more than 3 meals ( 5 is good) and at least 50 grams of protein a day. Oh, and dont forget to drink water!

A quick an easy way to start the weight loss is to drink a couple cups of strong green tea. And drink 10 bottles of water every day to flush out water weight which slows the weight loss process. Depending on how your body's water weight, you may lose 5-12 lbs in a week and a half! But keep chugging the water if you're drinking green tea so you keep hydrated. That should flatten the tummy area ;)

Walking and swimming are great exercises. Find a friend who is willing to walk with you or, if you like solitude, put on the MP3 pla<x>yer and walk =) Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Just remember, he loves you as you are and you'll look beautiful regardless.