I've Made My Mind Up.

I'm posting this in hopes that someone will reach out with some advice, anyone that has dealt with the same things as I have. If anybody has any tips or words of support, please share...

So I'm 18 years old. I've struggled with my weight all of my life. Just this year, I've weighed the most I ever have. 210. Thankfully I've managed to get back to about 198, but I'm afraid to say that my weight is flip flopping again, and it usually does. I just hate living like this. I need to lose this weight, and I'm determined more than ever, now. So all tips and comments are appreciated, and friends are welcome..Thank you...

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1. Aerobic exercise an average of 1/2 hour a day. So that could be 1 hour every other day.<br><br />
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2. Diets don't work, cost too much, and are hard to stick to. Instead just pick one thing to eliminate from your diet that you know is really bad and it will help alot.

Thanks guys. :)

wow, I've got to say, that's a lot of stuff to cut out! I'd stab someone before I'd let them take my bread!<br />
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I was 210 two years ago and now I am a lot thinner. Anyway, my approach was more portion-control than not eating certain things. Calorie-counting is really the only way I've effectively lost weight. See, I can have a berry milkshake (1% milk, breyer's all natural ice cream, frozen mixed berries) for dinner and still lose weight because that's all I'm having, and it's a lot less calories and fat than, say, a traditional dinner like a burger and potatoes. If you drop to close to 1000-1200 calories a day you should lose an average of 2-4 pounds a week. You are only 18, so I know you have energy somewhere to at least walk farther every day than you normally do-- anyway, I hope you're not looking for an easy out, because "diet and exercise" is really the only answer. I swear.

210 to 198 is awesome!<br />
Its all about determination, and how much you want this. Cut out bread, pasta, ketchup, gum, anything sugary, and decrease the amount of salt intake. Drink 10 bottles of water a day (chug it!) and drink strong green tea. Exercise at least 4 times a week, and I guarantee the first two weeks you WILL see results. Look in the mirror, and promise yourself. I promised myself I wouldn't end up like my mother. Promise yourself that you will commit, and think about how you will enjoy your new body. Start out small....like..." this week I want to lose 2 lbs".... patience is the key! Good luck, I know you can do it!