I Done It Before!!!!

     I used to be very much into exercises when I was very young so I was also accustomed to eat very well, my coaches said that It was easy for me to keep my weight true exercises once I became an adult and work took over my life exercise became a memory but eating hefty did not, I got my first kid when I was 24 and I my weight after that was 110lb I'm 5ft tall so I was not worry, then I started to gain until I was an amazing 250lb you can imagine it was difficult just to walk around, I went to jenny Graig and I slim down to 185lb , I did not continue as it is very expensive and and got back to 195lb. a few years later at 35years old I started to go to the gym a personal trainer for, $45.00 a session 3times a week got me back to 105lb and a size 6 on normal clotting I was able to fit on a size 4 also I was so happy I got pregnant again this time I was already 40 years old and gain just a few pounds which I loose almost rigth after my baby was born I went down  to 102lb after and slowly as I stop exercising again for $$$$ reasons I got back to 177lb I'm mad at myself because I see that the reason of me being fat is just my laziness I have a lot of exercises videos and DVDs but the only thing they are doing is getting my wallet smaller not me and is not that they don't work is that I don't have the motivation to actually do the work I need help, I need support, can some one be there for me please Help Me!!!

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

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