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Okay so I have a food addiction every bit as strong as alcoholism. I'm overweight and I've gained and lost weight several times. I do exercise regularly but that doesn't do S*#T when you eat like I do. My main problem is family. I've recently had to move back in with family due to the economy and and my father is a serious food pusher. It makes him happy to see his family eat. He has absolutely no concept of what a bad food is. He thought buying Dunkin Donut Munchkins was so much better cause they're smaller than donuts. The only way I can resist food is if its not available to me. I can't seem to summon the willpower to resist the food that my father brings into the house. I also seem to love every single type of food out there EXCEPT...vegetables. Do you know how much easier Weight Watchers would be if I could just bring myself to like veggies? I try to be nice and tell my dad why I shouldn't have these foods and he really thinks he's helping. "I bought muffins because I thought they were better than cookies.." Even if I can avoid the sweets, we eat portions that would feed a small army and I'm physcially incapable of being "full" so I just keep eating. I'm so frustrated with myself because I know what I need to do and just can't get the willpower to do it.

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I love to eat... some people have sexual fantasies, I have them about food. I love buffets, especially in Vegas. If I probably ate normal portions, it would be ok but I like to eat for 3 or 4 people.<br />
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I will tell you this, because to me, it's worth sharing. I use taislim, thanks to my dad telling me about it. it's the ONLY thing I'eve ever used that is not only healthy, but it lets me eat but I get full faster and it STOPS my cravings in between meals. <br />
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that almost makes me sad... I love to think about food but it's true. <br />
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it might be worth your time to take a quick look. I've never used anything like it before. It skimmed my weight right now and kept it off and I am not hungry all day like before.<br />
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Hey Jujalee - Thanks for the advice. I've actually heard the six small mean plan works. I just have a such a hard time pushing the food away after two fist fulls. I guess the real problem is summoning the will power. When I've lost weight in the past honestly it had more to do with just not having the food in the house than actually pushing food away. Now that I'm living with other family members it's not that easy. I'll keep trying though and thanks for the positive advice.

Sugar is very addictive. Since its processed with Chlorine, you become addicted not only to the satisfying affects, but also the chemicals. I cut all things sugar even in juice, ketchup, gum, any sauce with sugar, even oranges b/c they have natural sugars that your body processes like a donut. And yes, I went through horrible withdrawal symptoms. <br />
My family and I are like endless wells (we joke about it) because we never get full, but I found a way that keeps the pounds down. Eat 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones. When meals are served, eat as much as two fist fulls (thats the size of the human stomach). Then keep the rest for two hours later. If you do this for two weeks, your stomach will SHRINK. Actually, it will HURT to eat more than the small portions. You'll be tricking your whole body, and be losing weight. Good luck!

I had an eating disorder for 7 years im 18 now. It was the hardest thing to overcome. Painful and I still have withdrawal symptoms from restricting, binging, purging. Honestly I know how you feel! I have never been overweight but I have been horrendously thin, although I was like that because I wanted to look ugly. I went to rehab and it saved my life, maybe give that a go?

Hey DietIcedTea - Love your pic by the way. I actually read a study that said that in fact sugar is just as addictive as Heroin. People don't believe our addiction is valid but when something has a hold on you it's painful physcally and for especially emotionally. Hey if you ever want to vent I'd love to chat with ya.

I have the same problem you do. No one in my family believes you can be addicted to food. My grandmother doesn't believe that I can be addicted to sugar the same way my cousin was addicted to drugs. <br />
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Good luck!