Feel I Weigh Too Much

i weigh myself every morning to see if my weight has changed, normally it has either gone up or down a couple of pounds, but i just want it to go down, i feel so fat and ugly its horrible! i hate looking in the mirror at myself and seeing the fat, im not actually that large, but i feel like i am, and i dont like it, i really want to lose some weight, but i know at the moment im not being healthy at all in the way im doing it cos ive stopped eating properlly, i do do exercise and stuff, but i just cant seem to get myself eating properlly again, cos i know that when i dont eat everything i should, i can lose weight, but i just cant afford for this to go into another problem that i'll have to face up to later, i feel like i have too much to handle as it is without an eating disorder of some sort aswell.
sezy sezy
18-21, F
Aug 20, 2007