Chrono Nutrition

Hi everyone ! I hope that you are on your way to success :-) !


I am here to say that this is my first day trying a new diet : the chrono-nutrition. 

It is preatty easy and convenient, I can eat wathever I want but only when my body is ready to use it normally. 

It means that for breakfast, I eat my biggest meal : bread, cheese, or egs, ...only fat but no sugar : no milk, no fruit, ...For lunch it is protein with rice or pastas : steak, chicken or fish...

At 5pm it is time for sugar : black chocolate, or fruit, avocado, or nuts...

For supper it has to be really light : green vegetables are preferable, beans, with fish...


I think it is a great way to loose weight because you are not supposed to be hungry during the evening, and so, you are not stocking fat at night....


Have a long, nice and wonderfull life, full of good surprises, love, monney and everything you want, because you really deserve the best, do not forget, you are a star




Jass Jass
26-30, F
4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Hi there !<br />
<br />
Thank you very much to you guys, you are very supportive and positive!<br />
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That is great Kandy444 that you are reaching your goal, it is certainly fantastic to finally wear wathever you want :-)<br />
And Purple Queen,if you have any question do not hesitate to send me message ! Hope your going well !!!<br />
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kisses 2 all!

Thanks for the tips Jass! Wish you lots of good luck in pursuing your goal! :)

Thanks ! I read that you stopped drinking three days ago ? Congratulations ! <br />
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I like to drink too, but time to time, everyday it's too much ! <br />
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Have a nice way discovering your new you !<br />
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Good luck on your quest. I like the way chrono-nutrition sounds.