No More Porky

I am irked by the word "Porky." I really dislike being called that.

I'm planning to lose weight this summer.

The other morning (at around 1:00am), 2 of my close friends (male and female) mentioned that one of their motivations to get thin was the jeers of their peers. I suppose that it is also mine now.

It motivates me more than wanting to impress my crushes (maybe because they're just that, crushes.. no more)

I'm curious as to what things would change... particularly how people will change when I get thinner....

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3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

@camael: That's really sweet of you camael but I can't exactly let you punch one of my closest (female) friends. xD<br />
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During one of our discussions I realized that we both say hurtful things to one another. The type that really hit *that* sensitive spot. I'm pretty sure that she taunts me to get back at me and inspire me to get thinner. But eventhough I know that. I still hate being called "porky." :(<br />
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@trails: It's not a big deal in our country if your fat/chubby. You're right. Part of the reason why I want to get thinner is to boost my confidence.

How sweet you are!

I think each person handles it diffently.I know when I am where I should be in weight,I feel more beautiful and sexy and so proud of myself.All these are good things along with feeling healthier,more energy.When you see your self it is one of the best feelings ever.Having peple tell you look great is wonderful.May your days ahead be rewarding to you!Good luck!I cheer you on!