Losing Weight "What I Have Done, and What I Still Whant to Do

I have been losing weight for the last three years now. I have know how much I have lost, because I have been measuring the lost in inches. I have dropped from 58 genes to 44's. I plain to be back down to to 38's or better yet 36's in 2012. When I went to my 20 year high school reunion I had gone from someone that was too small to play football in high school to the Seattle Sea hawks in tire front line. There were some very close friends of mine that could not recognize me at all.

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I am now losing weight at a rate of 5 pounds a month. My doctor has told me this is the right amount to be physically safe, and to keep it off. Also I am in 38's, and keeping my eye on the 36's.

I missed the 40's by less than an inch. I plain to be in them by 5/15/09.

Thank you loopnsccc

Good for you. I was walking up to my daughters softball game the other day and all the girls where talking trying to figure out who's Dad it was. My daughter initially didn't think it was me because the guy was "to small" to be her Dad. She later said she finally has a normal sized Dad. It made me feel good that all my hard work over the last 15 months has paid off. <br />
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Keep up the hard work and stay focused on your goal.

Up dating myself I had to put two new holes in my belt today. I want to be able to get into 40's at the end of the month.

Up date on Friday 4/3/09 I bought a new par of jeans. They are 42's. I did however half to settle for the loose fit instead of the relax fit that I have been buying. I could not get into them. Ya I know but I was halving trouble keeping the 44''s up. Even when I was in the store and had to bend over to look at the lower lever shelves, I had to stand back up very because, I came down with a sudden case of plumber's crack. So I am proud of my self all the same to be in the loose fit 42, over the 44 relax fit. I also want to thank you all for your support and words of encouragement. Your words really do help me keep on track with this quest, and to keep my eye on the goal. Once again I thank you. And I thank the creators of this site.<br />
The Doctor-

That is fantastic Doc! You deserve to feel very pleased and proud of yourself. I'm guessing you feel a lot healthier and happier too as a result. Congratulations and keep up your excellent efforts. You are inspirational!