i recently graduated high school, and i desperately want to lose weight. at the beginning of my senior year (almost exactly a year ago) i weighed 125....i now weigh 180. i dont know why im gaining this weight, and even though my doctor says it not my fault, its my medications, it still depresses me alot. my boyfriend is wonderful and is never critical, but that doesnt change how other people see me. when i gain weight (my weight has been a constant struggle because of my meds) i gain it mostly in belly. i already have bigger hips and a rear, and my chest is rather large, so no one ever notices when i gain the weight there, too. because of this, ive had tons of people, some who i dont even know, ask me or my boyfriend if im pregnant, whens the baby due, etc. the most hurtful comment so far, however, has been from my ex, who i dated just before my senior year, at what i consider my ideal weight. he saw me 2 weeks ago and sent me a text telling me how glad he is that he isnt with me because of how "big" i got. he said im not pretty anymore, and even though this just proved to me how much better off i am without him, it still hurt....im just tired of peoples comments and their looks and whispers

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I am so sorry about your ex boyfriend. What a jerk. Yeah, you are definitely better off without him!

I know the helpless feeling. I have read belly fat is from cortisol that we make when we are stressed out. And the more helpless we feel the more fat we pack onto ourselves. I don't know if this was helpful or not but my thoughts go out to you. See if you can find some ways to relieve the stress you feel.