I Am Losing Weight But I Need Some Help??

Hi everybody,

I am new to this site and this is the first time that I have ever done anything like this, but I really need some help, some support and hope that I can offer the same to somebody out there as well.

I am 42 years old and when I stepped on the scales in Feb of this year I weighed 220lbs and at 5 foot 6, this was way to much.  I have been big for about 15 years now and so finally and totally committing myself to a life change, such as losing a min of 60lbs is a very, very big thing to me.  None of my friends or family understand how hard it is to lose 60lbs, in fact how hard it is to lose just 1lb, this is why I have nobody to share my triumphs and my low points with.

Having said all of that as of last Friday I have lost 44lbs and I am very pleased with myself but I still want to loose the entire 60lbs and this last 16 lbs is proving to be very hard to lose and I need a bit of back up and ideas on how to so it. 

So do let me have your ideas!!


Thanks to all!!

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Ever hear of Beach Body. I sure you're conscious of how you look. You can do these workouts from the comfort of your home. I would love to help you and keep you accountable. I give you my word. 60 to 90 days you will be transformed.

I dropped under 200 this week, not sure the cause but I am happy. I have been bouncing between 200 and 205 for most of the spring and summer. I to am at the last 15 lbs, but my goal of 185 isn't set in stone. I am more watching a quick jump up more then worried about going down. I have found a happy middle ground between intake and burn these days. <br />
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On a side note, it was raining here Wednesday and didn't want to ride at rush hour in the rain so I went for a jog and it's been 3 months since I have jogged. I did 5k without much of an issue and was pretty happy with that.

Hi All, Well I have changed my work outroutine and increased my intake of green vegtables and I have lost another pound this week, so that is good for me as it look like I have broken my two week plateau and started to loose weight again.<br />
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What sort of week have you all ahd? do let me knopw<br />
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Dear All, Just logged back on after joining last night and I see that three more of you have been very kind and given me some words of advice and encouragement, I can not tell you how apprecaited this all is!! The changing my workout routing sounds great idea as does the writing my goals down on post-it-notes and sticking them around the house. I will give them both a try and let you know how I get on at my next weekly weigh in. I will also make note that muscle weighs more than fat, very good point.<br />
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Thanks again to all :) :) :)

I hit a plateau too last summer. I had been walking mostly to lose my weight. So I started biking and jogging to mix it up a little. The first time I jogged a little bit of my walk I was out of breath after 3 blocks. That was a shock after losing almost 50 pounds and thinking I was in shape. I also started biking and really fell in love with this sport all over again. I had biked a lot in college. I have riden close to 2400 miles this year and it really isn't hard to get out and go these days. Also remember that muscle weights more then fat, so as you tone up you may be losing fat still but gaining muscle so the total weight lose is net zero.

Wow, well done for loosing 44 lbs so far - that is fantastic news! <br />
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How about changing your exercise routine, I don't know if that will help (I am no where near hitting my plateau yet) but it seems to me that it might help. <br />
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Do let us know how you get on.<br />
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Good luck on reaching your goal!

hi ya.<br />
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Great to hear from you and great to hear that you are lossing weight as well. How much weight have you lost so far? what is your goal?

Hi first of all congratulations I've always been on diets and I'm still fat. I managed to lose a lot of wight by going to the gym, it's very hard at first but it gets easier.I still eat my favourite food in less quantity because when we cut on some types of food we just crave them more and when we finally eat it it's a disaster. If you want my help I'm here, I would like yours too.People that call me fat usually eat much more than I do.I think our metabolism is just slower, but exercise, it's good for your body and mind