I've Lost 50 Pounds So Far!!

I will give my ex this much. He helped me find a program that for once in my life works. The thing is i heard about it before but thought it was a bit to harsh. but now that i am doing and lost this much weight...Healthy way for once. made me a believer.

I am talking about the Atkins diet. I saw my ex lose 55 pounds in 6 months. I have lost 50 in the same time frame. I still have about 40-50 to lose. it really works. the thing is with this its a lifestyle change but its NOT as drastic as i thought it would be. Yeah you cut out carbs. BUT NOT all carbs just the bad ones. for two weeks called the induction period. YOu have to be really strict about carbs...very very little. NO bread NO pasta NO rice . NO potatoes. basically if its white...no eat. lol

I dont miss any of the foods i once loved. Because i realized that the foods i loved i can eat. I love salads with chicken and cheese. I love cheese i cant eat cheese lol i love stuffed mushroom caps with asiago cheese and shrimp. YUmm..i can eat that. So i cant eat wraps unless they are carb friendly. i cant have cheese cake. I will live. but to let on a little secret...I have it about once every two months...still losing weight lol

I never would of thought of recommending this to anyone...but seriously I never lost this much wieght in a healthy way EVER. the last time i lost this much wieght I was a coke addict. but once i got clean i gained the wieght back. so no that I am healthy in mind,,,spirit..i wanted to get my body healthy too.

its something look into. But with everything...it HAS to suit you.

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so did you find yourself so nice and curvy after all those diet and sexy too?

You Go Girl!! good for you and hope you are able to sustain the weight loss and maitain your goal weight ultimately. I am trying to lose weight too and when things are right will definitely try the Atkins Diet. <br />
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All the best