Half of Me

I need to lose about 200 to 250 lbs.  It's gotten really out of hand, especially after my marriage started crumbling.  I weigh approximately 450 now and have a size 34 pants.  I find it difficult to even move so exercise is excessively hard.  I have started a new plan though, easy baby steps.  First of all, have a fruit or veggie at every meal.  Second, no meal can be made up of more than 1/3 carbs.  Those are my rules.  Once they become habit, I'm going to start working on portion sizes.  I've tried dieting gung ho and always went off, so I'm trying this new strategy.  I have 6 stairs to climb to get into my house, and 6 stairs to climb to get into my office building.  At this point, they tire me out but it's better than nothing.  Once I tried climbing a flight of stairs to my 2nd floor office and it took half an hour to catch my breath... yeah that is going to have to wait.  Baby steps.

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4 Responses Sep 8, 2009

You sound quite beautiful!

move away from red meat to white meat.<br />
<br />
eat more of veggies they contain lesser calories.<br />
<br />
as "limajess3" said change your drinks to water.<br />
<br />
do some activity daily. and make it a part of your life.<br />
<br />
instead of taking a car out for some place which is closer walk it up; park your farer from the place you are going and walk the rest up.<br />
<br />
and of course, during course of time you can increase your level of activities.<br />
<br />
wish you luck!!

I have 115lbs left to go and it's not easy! We both know that. It's hard to take years worth of habits and lifestyle choices and just.. change them. Don't be fooled, lead on or disappointed by those miracle pills, five minute abs or any of that bologna. The healthy results you want and need can't be bought off, they have to be earned. Just keep replacing things in your diet with things that are healthier. Tackle one bad vice at a time, it's all we can do. Hang in there and good luck!

replace your regular drinks with water..it does a whole lot.. and just think about how you want to to look to keep you motivated..it helps me.and maybe bike riding or walking for an 1hr everyday works.. like you said baby steps..