On My Own

So i'm a sixteen year old girl. I attend high school, have lots of friends, have a huge loving family (even though my parents are divorced. there's tons of love!), good grades, some talents, i have it all going for me. but for my entire life, i haven't felt good about the way i look.

starting in the fourth grade i was prioritizing my recess time, telling myself i was going to jump rope ALL recess because it was exercise.

when sixth grade rolled around i was secretly doing crunches in my room and going on the treadmill when i was home alone. eventually i brought myself to one meal a day.

i never saw results. after a few years i noticed myself feeling worse and worse. i found i was eating ridiculous amounts of bad food day in and day out. i had ballooned.

then this summer rolled around. i decided i was absolutely disgusted with myself. 5'7 and a whopping 180 lbs. (though it is a lot of muscle).

i bought an ea active workout game for my wii. and started doing that every single day.

three months later i'm working out on the treadmill or my wii every single day.. i'm 160-165 lbs. went down a pant size, and i feel absolutely spectacular. but i'm not done! i have about ten more pounds to go before my BMI is healthy.


anyways that's my story. (: 

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It's for all ages tufa-k! <br />
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Congrats on the weight loss so far and good luck on getting to where you want to be.