Battling With My Weight...and With Bullies!!

When I was little I was very thin, never had any trouble finding clothes and I was so happy. At about the age of eight I started gaining weight gradually until I was twelve years old and wearing women's size fourteen clothing. I moved to secondary school and was severely bullied because of my weight and the fact that I was the quiet girl who sat in the corner and always did well in exams. The bullying got so bad that I got cramps in my stomach due to worrying about what these people were going to do next. I lost all of my friends because I was so obsessed with the bullies that I talked about nothing else. I spent most lunchtimes sat in the girls bathrooms biding my time until the next class began. I often cried myself to sleep wondering what I'd done to deserve to be treated so badlyl. I eventually got sick of this treatment and thinking that weight loss would solve all my problems I cut down on my food intake and lost about 2 stone, I also grew quite a bit and now stand proudly at 6ft. I left school last year with a fairly good leaving cert that I am very proud of. I still struggle with my weight now and am currently trying to get down to eleven stone. I really want to try modelling as I think it would be a really great way to see the world and Ik now that I have the determination to make it. I know now that because I can survive being victimised for 3 years that I can do anything and succeed! I f anyone is reading this whom is being bullied at the moment I beg of you to tell an adul tat you trust. Don't live in fear. Stand up for yourself or tell an adult that you trust!! Take it from someone who's been in your shoes and stilkl regrets to this day not telling on her bullies. The only way things will get better is if you STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT!!

LostGirl1792 LostGirl1792
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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

I was bullied in school too. For many years. The only person I really remember telling about it was my mom, and that severely backfired on me. The taunting grew even worse. I don't know that anyone could have helped me.