Sheding The Pounds!!

I have never been considered a small framed girl, ever. When I was in high school I was very fit always playing softball, and swimming on the swim team, but I still had a larger frame all hips and *** lol. Well once I got into college I stopped being active and focused on my school work. In 2 years time I put on almost 100 extra pounds, and didn't even stop to take the time to notice until one day I saw a picture of me at the beach looking like shamu :( I think I cried for all of an hour before I got up off my *** and went to the local Weight Watchers and signed up. I think its the best thing I have ever done in my life, I started off doing amazing always losing each week never gaining until a couple of months ago when I noticed I was having a problem with my gallbladder. I could no longer eat fruit or certain other foods because it would make me have really bad attacks. Well after this started happening I was still losing the weight only it was taking longer to come off because my diet had changed. Well last week I had my gallbladder removed and as of my last WW meeting and weigh in I have lost 80 pounds in just the last year! I still have about  40 more pounds to lose before I hit my real goal but now I know that by changing my diet and working out at least 2 to 3 times a week it is possible for me to stay healthy and fit! Good luck to everyone else out there who knows what this struggle is like I hope you all succeed at reaching your goals as well!

GreenEyedGrl GreenEyedGrl
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Good job on losing 80 pounds! I am sure you will get to your goal weight. Unfortunately, the hard part is maintaining your goal weight. I've not had much luck with maintaining. Always losing or gaining :( In the past 9 months though, I've lost almost 60 lbs. Going to work hard at maintaining when I get to where I want to be, weight-wise. Good luck!

Hey, keep up the hard work. Even having to change your diet for health reasons you can always increate the workout side. Remember losing is a simple equation of burning more then you take in. I have lost 70 lbs in the last 2 years and I am pretty happy where I am at now. In a perfect world I would work on getting the last 10 to 20 lbs off, so maybe that's the goal once the weather warms up. For now I am in maintenance mode.