Looking Better

My name is Grant Trevarthen, I'm 48 years old and I have decided at my time of life I need to get fitter, the problem I face is that being in a wheelchair. losing weight is harder but more crucial then if I was able bodied

Because of my disability which is Spina Bifida which I was born with, my body is not straight or streamlined. I am under no illusions I will ever be trim, taut, and terrific, but any loss of weight will be beneficial to me, I've  recently joined a gym, so that will surely help.

46-50, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2010

Hello there I am Samantha. Dec. 1/09 I walked into a Herbal magic center and sighed up for a program where I am eating normal food and taking herbal supplements. Extra exercise is not really required as the supplements are what causes you to loose the weight. Dec 1 I was 169lbs and today February 17/10 I am at 151.2. But you can also go on line and key in Herbals for weight loss<br />
and you can come up with a weight loss formula. your self.. Also you can get GREEN TEA EXTRACT and mix and take that to loose weight. Samantha