About To Start On Orlistat

Ive raged against taking any tablets but in the end have given in.  I started seeing a dietician at our local obesity service in November.  Lost nearly 10kgs up to Christmas and managed to lose another 1kg through the whole Christmas festivities.  Then it became really difficult.  Ive used a food diary and its good but i have changed my mind set a bit and now if i eat something a bit fatty then i dont eat similar at the next meal.  So im sort of choosing complimentary options.  Im a bit confused as to why in the last 45 years i never thought about doing that anyway!!!

My consulant, obesity nurse specialist and GP have all said orlistat might help and ive refused it.  But now ive decided i'll give it a go.  I do know that my health trust wont even consider me for weight loss surgery unless ive tried all this stuff anyway.  You really do seem to have to show willing to do absolutely everything for them not to give up on you.  So im going on it at the end of this week and i shall look forward to a lot of wet farts.  Shall update on my progress

41-45, F
Feb 11, 2010