Tell Me What You Think Please

hi im 18 and currently on a gap year

i am about 5.4 and currently weigh about 57kg. i dont think im fat but the thing is all my friends are much smaller than me mainly due to the fact they dont eat very much and i eat big portions as i play a lot of sport mainly swimming.


my real problem is i just feel so big compared to them and boys always go for them over me and im starting to think its because i look big in comparsion and they have much better bodies than me

i am usually a confident girl but am starting to loose my confidence rapidly and am worried about it....i go to the gym a lot but cant seem to loose any weight i dont want to loose loads i just want to get to about 52 kg as thats what my friends are


please talk to me about it as i have no one else to talk to and i dont want it to become a big promlem


amyinaus amyinaus
1 Response Feb 19, 2010

Well INSANITY is out there, I heard about it through some of my military friends and they let me try it out! All I can say is it works!<br />
I was about 260pounds (about 118 kg) and went down to nearly 200pounds (90-91kg) but that's after about 3.5 months, lost the first 20pounds in about 3-3.5 weeks so it works fast as long as you give the effort. I'm not saying that its easy to do, but it will work! .... and it really tones you too, gives good definition to show off the muscle contours. ;-)