My Weight

 i im 18 and currently on a gap year


i am about 5.4 and currently weigh about 57kg. i dont think im fat but the thing is all my friends are much smaller than me mainly due to the fact they dont eat very much and i eat big portions as i play a lot of sport mainly swimming.


my real problem is i just feel so big compared to them and boys always go for them over me and im starting to think its because i look big in comparsion and they have much better bodies than me

i am usually a confident girl but am starting to loose my confidence rapidly and am worried about it....i go to the gym a lot but cant seem to loose any weight i dont want to loose loads i just want to get to about 52 kg as thats what my friends are


please talk to me about it as i have no one else to talk to and i dont want it to become a big promlem

amyinaus amyinaus
1 Response Feb 19, 2010

well im in australia atm so the time difference means it was like 8.00 for me<br />
<br />
ya i know your right i just dont understand how my friends are so small....and my house mate who is tiny always makes coments if im doing sit ups at home like calls me a freak or watches me do them she is a compleete gym junkie so its not like she doesnt do just puts me down and makes me feel really stupid as well.<br />
<br />
and as for you just keep working hard...some people ahve slower motablism so it will take longer to see results...keep working hard