I Need To Lose Some Weight !

Hi I am Leslie , I have four beautiful children , before I had them I was a size 6 then came baby # 1 then went up to a size 9 , after baby # 2 I went up to a 12 then after baby #3 a size 14, and after my last I have been a size 15 . It is so had to stick with a diet for me , I see my hubby eating sweets every night , as well as my kids and its so timpting . I wish they would support me and join in even if they don't need it , eating healthy is not bad but when everyone else is eating pizza or pasta its hard to not want what they have . I weigh 192 pds. but I want to be at 140 or some where there . 

lesliebri04 lesliebri04
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Well it takes focus and commitment. It was hard sitting down to dinner and having a half a chicken breast, veggies and a small scoop of potato. My plate was filled with half or less of what I used to eat, but eventually you get used to eating less. The sweats where easy, I just saw empty calories there, but the fats where harder. You have to think of it as a health lifestyle and not a diet. Look at finding some type of workout to do, I walked an hour ever evening. In the end I have been living this new lifestyle for 2 years, I have drop 70 lbs and kept it off.