I Could Have A Hot Bod...

But, alas, I am in my freshman year of college.  I have gained the infamous freshman fifteen and a little more.  I didn't even see the weight except for on my belly until I stepped onto a scale.  I'm 5'3'' and 170 lbs.  I usually don't have body issues.  They creep up on me sometimes, but I'm okay with being a little curvy.  The problem here is that I'm just unhealthy.  It is so hard to eat something that's good for you that tastes alright at this school.  Our dining plan makes it oh so easy to snack.  I have the proportions to have a really hot bod.  I like having a butt.  I like having boobs.  But the rest has got to go, and soon.  I worry that the guys I like aren't interested in me because of how I look.  I actually think I'm quite pretty.  I worry that, being at a music conservatory, people assume I'm not any good at my instrument because I don't have the typical angled framework.  I'm going hiking this summer with a friend very often and I want to be in shape enough to be able to make it up the 3 1/2 mile hike that reaches over 3000 feet that I've been looking forward to since the end of last summer.  but what can a girl do?

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lol Kakun.... you are either a mechanic or someone in the army (past or present).... I've never heard anyone talk about PM on the civilian side... <br />
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But EapanViolinist, he is completely right about the body being like an engine, taking care of it will end up getting were you want to go without fear of a "breakdown" so to speak.....

First must discipline yourself. Discipline yourself to eat healthy snacks versus eating bad ones. Second you must boost your energy level and your metabolism. Th human body is like a car you get what you put into and how you take care of it. If you change your oil and do the necessary preventive maintenance on your car and engine it will last a long time and be ready to go when you need it.<br />
But on the other hand, if you do not do the neccessary maintenance, change the oil on time, ensure proper levels on all fluid you car want last very log at all the engine will throw a rod because the oil has made it heat up beyond its capacity and froze the piston so it breaks. The same can be said for the human body when given proper nutrition and physical activity (working out) the body will function better, think better, jump farther, or whatever you want it to do. I am currently working program that assists with what you are looking for and I will be your coach to assist you along the way. Hit me up clneal38@yahoo.com .