I Want To Lose Weight Bad. It's Very Hard. I Need Someone In The Same Situation To Talk 2

I reallyn want to lose weight bad but its very hard. I dont have any support. I have a treadmill but i dont use it. Its hard losing weight when you dont have anyone to do it with you. Ihad  my first baby in 2007, ever since then i been over weight. I hope and pray that i lose weight but its 2 hard. I need help.

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I started the 24 day challenge and im down 15 lbs in 18 days. I feel amazing! If you would like to try the challenge the website it www.advocare.com/140615794

Or if you would like to see healthy recipes and my progress as well as my friends my page on facebook is " Aprils weight loss solutions". :)

i am here for you.. if you want

Hey Mya21, I have been on this plan that has really worked for me. Within the first week of starting this plan I lost 8 lbs , doing everyday chores. At the same time gaining that energy and drive to experience more weight loss which everyone needs. if you are interested by all means send me an e-mail clneal38@yahoo.com.

Hey Mya21, I posted a story that might help you get started in this group, but if you do have a treadmill at your house then I suggest you might want to do things like watching TV while walking on it or trade it in for an elliptical. Ellipticals burn way more calories and if your primary goal is weight loss then an elliptical will be an easier choice than running and is easier on your joints aswell. Also, try watching the Rocky movies for motivation, I know they always get me pumped up.

I lost some weight recently and ill tell you just switching to diet pop if u have any. My bike really helped me, i hate running outside or treadmill. Feel free to message me if u need some tips

Can't you try to find someone to work out with you? I understand what you mean. I only work out when my boyfriend is with me. He also gives me that extra push. I know that if I work out alone, I'll under-perform.<br />
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If you have a treadmill at home, you're quite lucky. You don't have to go out and run. Do you have a television or radio in the same room as your treadmill? Try watching television while you're on the treadmill or maybe call someone on speakerphone. I don't know if that would be a pain or nearly impossible to do. I know my treadmill is pretty loud and I can't hear anything on the television. Or maybe it is better for you to go out and run. Maybe you'll find someone who does the same and someone you could run with.