The Ongoing Mission

I've always been a thick girl and never really minded except for the rude comments my father would make and my mother buying me gigantic clothes just becuse I wasn't a size small LOL but anyways I felt comfortable with myself. When I turned 25 my body began to turn on me no joke things weren't looking all that good well I had really bad eating habits and wasn't as active as I was before so the pounds started to pack on, it was really out of control until finally one day I had enough of feeling crapy I went and had a physical done and the doctor helped me with a meal plan so for about 3 months I worked very hard and followed the doctors advice and started exercising, I started to lose weight  a total of 30 pounds I was so proud of myself then came a surprise I got pregnant  and well of course the weight gain began again. After having my first daughter I started again on my mission to get healthy and it took me alot more work this time it was a struggle I was working out daily well 9 months later I had reached my goal and I was beyond thrilled I was feeling and looking great all was good and just my luck pregnancy number two hit and I had to be on bed rest those pound came back so quick it was scary. So after my second daughter was born I start again and slowly started dropping some weight but now unfortuatly have started to gain weight due to major stress I eat when I'm super stressed horrible habit I know but I'm determinded to get back on track not to get to a certain size beleive me I love my curves, when there in the right place LOL but I want to be healthy and feel good about myself  which is alot more important than being a smaller size. In closing to anyone out there struggling to lose weight just keep working at it, it's not an easy road and there's no miracle pill it takes hard work and a commitment to change your life wish you all luck and happiness. 

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TS Lucky you LOL yes it is but still working at it thanx for reading my story.

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a really sweet story.....

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great story