Only Slightly Overweight

i'm only 5-10 lbs over, but i jus don't like my appearance right now. my friend walked off 60 lbs in 9months and has encouraged me to do the same. but i'm a home-body. i don't go out too much and prefer riding the bus instead of walking. so i guess i'm stuck with it till i change my ways.
timotito timotito
41-45, M
1 Response Nov 21, 2007

I'm a homebody too and I wish I could take the bus but there are none here, so i do walk. it doesn't seem to be enough though because I am still almost 100lbs overweight. Maybe there are some exercises you can do at home. On the cable we have here there is a station called Exercise TV and all it has is a variety of workouts raning from pilates to abs to cardio and so on. Or you can buy something at the video store. I wish you luck.