Holiday Weight Needs To Come Off, By Spring Break :c

I gained 8lbs over the so maddd. I need to lose atleast 25lbs by the end of april and atleast 15lb by spring break. Whichhh is in 2 weeks so i need to be strict. I always end up caving in and eat bad foods. I need a good Ana buddy. Im currently on a fast for a week but im not sure yet if i can do it...hopfully i can.

Im sorta weak on those areas because i am Bulimic, and the habbit of eating bad things and eating a lot of it sticks to me. Im trying to convert to Ana though with this fast. This story isnt really interesting enough sorry : / but Just wanted to put the facts out there. So anyone who needs a Diet/Ana buddy let me know c: Anyones whos in the USA could text me if they'd like. Be strong people !


70+, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

OK, first off, I wouldn't go vegan as posted above ^ one of the reasons why is because it limits you to a very select group of items. Needless to say, why are you needing to lose 25lbs? You look fking amazing! ZAP! ;D - I had a problem with eating too, maybe a few things I learned could help you. I was 220lbs and getting heavier, so instinctively I got concerned about my looks and how people would see me. I looked at the people around me, I saw that there was a lot of people that were over weight, I didn't want to look like that so this is what I did. I fking LOVE chocolate <3 <3 that was my worst enemy. Every time I had a craving for something sweet, I ate a few cherries or grapes, something healthy that would please the senses. Here is a technique that can help those hunger cravings. Instead of eating 3 big meals a day, eat small 6 evenly proportioned healthy meals. By doing this you actually tricking your mind into thinking that it's stomach is full. Also, EAT YOUR FOOD SLOWLY, don't just inhale it in 5 minutes, take your time! It takes about 15 - 20 minutes for your brain to know if it is full or not. Savor the food!!! I cut all those junk foods out of my diet completely for 2 months and walked 8 miles per day. Now every once in awhile I treat myself with chocolate. But I keep it in moderation. I went to a nutritionist, found out how much calories I should be getting for my age on a daily basis, and subtracted 600 calories from what I was suppose to be getting. I was dropping 1lb per day, which at the time I thought was great but the down side to dropping weight too fast was that I was losing muscle strength too. Because you risk muscle degeneration if you lose more than 2-4 lbs a week. The biggest wall was, cravings... I hated that so much but after a week since I was making new changes, my body was adapting to it. So the cravings were not as bad, when I wanted chips or chocolates, I got myself an apple or an orange. So now I am 165lbs of pure sexiness :P If you want to chat more, my add me on here or on facebook I hope any of this will help, take care!