March Friday 5, 2010 I Got Desperate On Line Going To Try S E N S A

March Friday  5, 2010 while surfing the Internet in Yahoo News.  I was getting interested in something as Hunger Suppressant. And Noticed the Offer for ...  S E N S A. I'm guessing it comes with and in Packets. You season it on the Foods you eat and is suppose to Suppress the Appetite. Lately getting a ferocious appetite and hunger that I can't seem to satisfy lately is getting to be my latest obstacle in trying to loose my weight.  Back in early January I got my weight down 10 lbs to 185 lbs and now I'm back at 197 lbs.  In the last couple of months, my stomach has been constantly pestering me for food.  I will eat something, but it hasn't been making my hunger go away.  Sometimes I will feel content for the moment it would. But after an Hour, this ferocious appetite hunger comes back.

So I did this ordering for the S E N S A, Doing so did require payment for a shipping and handling fee and if I find out I like it in a month.  I'm charged for ? $89.00.  If I find out my skepticism isn't working. Then they said I could cancel it. So I'm taking a Gamble on this. It's ridiculous to keep trying to figure out something as to what will get working for me and not having much luck. 

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

I got my SENSA in the mail yesterday. It actually comes in Monthly Shakers. With two Blends. One for Salty Foods and other other One is for Sweet Stuff. It's been 10 Hours trying my very first try of it. I was at first disappointed it didn't surpress my appetite. But as I'm waking up 9 Hours from digesting some of it from yesterday as the start and first time. Another name for the granule powder stuff they call it is: Tastants. A month ago my Nephologist Doctor checked my cafe ankle by pressing on it and noticed fat swelling. Where the area was pushed into my skin and retracted. He told me to stay off of Salts, because of the inflated fattiness I was having. I usually have stayed Off Salts the way as I can. This morning I'm hoping I'm not Placeboing myself, but I've seen and noticed what I seem to notice 10% deflated fattiness on me. I Noticed abit more stimina for working my muscles. If this is correct. I'm Impressed. This is what I wanted.