I Want To Lose 20-30 Lbs. And Get My Pre-pregnancy, Dancer Body Back!!

growing up I was in dance and gymnastics; in high school I was in dance. I had an amazing body!! now that I've had my 2 sons, I've lost that body and miss it so bad, I feel fat and hideous even though my husband tells me that I'm beautiful, I don't feel it. I would love to get back down to at least 130 and it seems so hard to do since I work out at home and don't have a personal trainer to help motivate me. I have no idea how to self motivate so any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

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As someone who was ripped before kids and now you would never know it...you have to be a hard *** Drill Sargent on yourself...kick your own ***, use anger as a boot and never let yourself have a lazy moment. This is how I handle myself...Walk everywhere with the stroller don't take the car unless weather is lousy, eat clean and avoid as many processed foods as possible, drink more water than a fish.<br />
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Up your Omega 3 as it helps metabolize fats.<br />
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The more energy you demand of your body the more your body will rise to the challenge!<br />
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Don't rely on a trainer to motivate you the motivation can ONLY come from you...HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT IT? If you are as desperate as a drowning man is for a gasp of air you will not struggle with motivation...measure in inches and the jeans you can wear...Jeans can sometimes be truth serum....<br />
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Before I was ripped I was 4 BMI points away from morbid obesity...in a year I dropped 10 clothing sizes 18-22 down to an 8...and over 70 pounds...Success in my past has me know I can have success in my future!

uh well that depends, nothing in life is free and I live in ATX

would a free of charge personal trainer help? that can motivate you beyound your dreams and fantasises. :) yes?

so the South Beach diet huh?! yeah, I don't like the counting crap, I've got enough numbers to remember and counting is just not something that I want to have to do, maybe I'll give the South Beach diet a try!!!!

I hear you! You need to set small realistic goals....babysteps. No more than 2 pounds a week. Maybe the first week or two you will lose more. Working out is great but you really need to watch what you eat and I don't mean starve yourself. I find it best to plan ahead.....my kids are teens so it's a little easier but they still have me on the run 24/7. I am currently following the South Beach plan and although it took a little getting used to I am now enjoying it. I did weightwatchers before but I become really obsessed with counting all day. South Beach eliminates that and quite honestly I am never starved and much less obsessed with food! Good Luck!