My Goal Is To Lose Weight



   Beginning in my late twenties I began gaining a lot of weight.  It was actually about 2 years after I got married that it began. Although all through my younger teenage years I had always been thin.  When my husband and I had moved to a new city I met a woman who helped me to lose most of my weight.  Back then I weighed 175 pounds. She suggested that I try Weight Watchers she gave me some menus to follow.  In the months follow  I did aerobics 3 times a week and follow the diet plan.  By the summer I had lost 130 pounds. I was so proud of myself, but wanted to lose more.

   I was only 32 years old then  Then my husband was transferred to a new city. That was when I stopped doing my aerobic and following a diet plan. And it was in my late thirties that I noticed that I was gaining weight.  I DIDN'T do anything about it then and my weight kept going up by the time I was 40 years old I weight 200 pounds.  And then after my husband and I had moved several times my weight stayed where it was for a long time. 

   Two years ago, I began seeing a counselor and she suggested that I see a dietitian before that I had tried several things going to several aerobic classes, but always dropping out.  I even tried a private trainer who almost gave me a heart attack.  When I began seeing my new dietitian she gave me a 7 day weight loss plan, but so far I have not been able to follow it.  Although there are a few meals that I do eat.     My goal now is to lose 50 pounds and I weight is 230.  I hate being overweight and old, because I am 55 now.    

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Just try to find things that make you excited about eating right. I lost 75 lbs a couple of years ago doing WW myself and motivation was the number one thing that got me to my goal. I love food so I had to be creative and find new ways of eating things so that I would still enjoy food or I could have never been successful. If you do that it won't feel like a diet. Check out for great recipes that are yummy and good for you! I love all of her stuff! I just started watching what I eat again recently to get in shape for my upcoming wedding and have already lost 5 lbs in two weeks. You can do it too!

You can do it Sara...It definitely is a lifestyle change which is what makes it so tough.<br />
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I wish you the very best on you reaching your goal :)

Good luck to you. Please remember it's not a diet but a lifestyle change. You have to eat health and workout to reduce your weight. In the last 2+ years I have lost and kept 70 lbs off, but it's be a commitment to a goal of living a healther life. I try to eat low fat and low sugar diet, and work out at least an hour 6 days a week. Burn more then you eat and you will lose weight.