Resisting Temptation, Day 1

Without my knowing it my husband had hamburgers and fries delivered to the house (which he can afford to eat). I was intending to have a cup of brown rice and some mixed vegetables for lunch and i am so proud of myself that i didn't give in to the temptation of eating food that would be bad for my diet. I just told him that i've decided to become healthier and i'm sticking to my plan and that was that. Later, even if it's just a small effort, i plan to use my wii fit, even if it's just for 30 minutes. My plan is to keep on eating healthy stuff, definitely not starve myself. Based on experience when i starve myself, i end up binging on unhealthy foods. So small meals all throughout the day. I've also read up on some of the other stories here and i found that conscious eating really does help. While i was munching on my food, i was thinking that every bite i was making is for me to get on the road to health. I chewed my food a couple more times than usual instead of wolfing it down.

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that is the have a healthy life and not to starve....if we have the knowledge from parents or school for the right way to eat everybody will be more healthy everywhere...if you think how to eat healthy u make it, life style,and u learn it to your child and they to thers...and so on....keep healthy for you and for your descedants....if u like to talk or anything i'll be here...hey if u need to know anything i can always,ask my cousin.....:-) :-) and for freeeeee......see u!!!!!!!

Relax! I am doing it. Just like you suggested, i haven't been eating fried foods. Mostly, i eat grilled, roasted or boiled. I've stopped eating white rice and white pasta and potatoes. I replaced those carbs with brown rice, wholewheat pasta, wholewheat bread and sweet potatoes. When i eat chicken, i make sure to take off skin, if it's pork or beef, it has to be lean. Beef though i haven't been getting much of, i had it only once since i started my lifestyle change, i think it's more fatty than pork. If i have pork i cut out the fat. More fruits and vegetables, which isn't hard for me because i like them. I take oatmeal as much as i can because i want to lower my cholesterol. I have fish a lot, my favorite is salmon. I cut out sugar as well, i use equal or splenda. I will also have a cheat day where i can indulge but not to the point of satiation. My first cheat day will be this coming sunday, on my grandmother's 84th birthday brunch. I think some of our conversation is lost in translation. Contrary to what you may think, i do not starve myself. Right now, i am feeding myself enough. I want to and i need to because if i'm starving i don't think i'd be able to do my exercises effectively. I also have a cut off feeding time which i got from you, so i make sure to have fed myself dinner 4 hours before i nod off to sleep. Thank you for the concern 33! I am getting healthier.

Please just try it....My cousin is been suggested by doctors of '' Carolinska University'' of Sweden to attend there so to her doctora....She realy likes what she is doing...I believe that u can do it...Is not that hard...Do it for u...Only for you,and for your heart....PLESE JUST GIVE IT A SHOT.... Nothing to loose,a lot to win....A LOT... :-)

It's alright, i only eat when i'm hungry now.

Soryy but i asked my cousin and have to be past 3 hours and no 2....And as i write once a week eat whatever(hihihi!!!!) 2 times a week pulses(if i write it right...) , 1 time fish,1 time red meat,and 1 time white meat,if possible meat once a week....And it place something with only vegs...Good luck,again..

Thank you very much for the tips, i greatly appreciate it.

Not to eat is not the right way to loose weight......u will just end up to get more kilos than cousin she is ''Nutritionist'' (if is the wright).So she says(and i blindly believe her,because she trully,likes her jub)That the right way to loose any weight is just to eat right and don;t let the mind to thing that u don't let the body to eat something even if chocolate...If the mind needs chocolate u give chokolate.Not 1kilo but 100grams....And u don;t need chocolate every day,2 timew a week it's fine.And i have a small problem with something extra...And i have to say although i leave for chocolate,i have an addiction, i now i realize that by following hers advice i don't miss chocolate....Wooh!!!!<br />
Well, she says....5 ftuits per day....Every 2 hours something to eat(yagurt,fruit,tost.small snak,something....)Breakfast with cereals...Very important,they make stomach feel full for 2-4 hours...But every 2hour have to have something.....1 Big meal...When u have the more time is the lunch time or dinner...You have to have time to eat a full meal.....Make food in oven,grill or boild don't fry food(i'm a cook,and it's bad for the products and for body and stomach too)<br />
Don't eat late,atlist 4hours before sleep...8 glass of water per day...No drinks with carbon,exept water with carbon<br />
Now the good one....Once a week eat junk food...<br />
And always before any meal eat salad...Very Very important....Salads makes stomach fell full and u eat less...And vegs r realy good for your intestines....Not a lot of suggar,u can eat black chocolate instend for lacta chocolate,i know not the same,but.....<br />
But u can always have anything u like once a week.....<br />
Oh!!!!!Make fruits salad...Strawberrys,kiwis,pears,apples.....ctr and put cinnamon on top....U'll like it...<br />
<br />
<br />
ΑΥΤΑ.....Ι hoppe i helped...Good luck...