Happy To Lose

First of  all we need to change the way we think.  Positive thinking is the key and we need to look @ ourselves as being beautiful no matter what other people may think or feel about us.  I now know it starts on the inside & generates to the outside.  This is the only way we can  achieve our goals.  I have been praying for the answer what can I do to lose weight; tired of busting out of the seams  (because I refused to by a larger size) to get smaller faster and my answer came to me with a business card shown to me by a caring  friend  ardysslife.com/bodylike. I was willing to try anything if I felt that it would work out for me.  Most people say they want to change but wont take the necessary steps to try whatever it takes.   Inches are more important to me than losing the lbs. and I'm glad to I've  tried  Ardyss because it gives me the instant beauty that I need to keep me motivated through tomorrow and beyond.

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2 Responses Mar 31, 2010

First of all out of every positive note that was said in this article you had to pick out one minute section instead of complimenting me for the courage to continue to succeed.

Thanks for the comment but i dont just want tojjust lose the weight my dear, Ardyss reshapes your body. i want the inches and its doing it for me.