I'm Overweight And Changing To A Healthier Lifestyle

I am morbidly obese and decided in order for me to lose weight, I must change my lifestyle. I have been inspired to change things around and it's working. I used to eat takeout everyday and to be honest just didn't feel right if I didn't, regardless if I ate the food or not I just had to have takeout. In return, I had constant health problems, depression, and lack of energy. I am soooo convinced that this bad lifestyle contributed to my declined sex drive and with those BAD contributors I decided to make change. I decided to skip diet frozen meals and cook my food, which was a huge step because no microwaving or convenience for me. The biggest surprise for me is that I'm inspired and motivated to cook everyday. I am more aware as to what I'm eating and my desire for takeout food has drastically decline. It is not easy and I'm sure that it will take awhile before it clicks but I'm OK with that. I am now incorporating physical exercise into my daily routine, which for many reasons I'm afraid of failure. I will do my best to move forward on this phase and stay focused.

blueblaze blueblaze
31-35, F
1 Response Apr 18, 2010

I hope you do really well, I know what you mean about the differences between take-away and cooking. My mum does not cook well and all we got growing up were ready meals. At uni I cook all my own food and makes so much difference. Good Luck with your endeavours to lose weight.