Trying To Lose Weight! Using Zija - Has Anyone Else??

It is SO hard to lose weight...especially the older we get - it's just not right!  :o)

My husband has struggled ever since I met him 5 years ago to lose weight and he finally found something that works.  He started using this Zija Nutrition/Weight Management System and he has lost 30 pounds so far.  I think this system is so very different because it accomplishes a lot of things at one time - weight loss, increase in energy, and helps you to feel better.  And one more plus - it is all natural - no artificial anything.

I'm not one to try gimmicks or tricks so I have only done the nutrition part so far and it has made such a huge difference in how I feel.  I did not realize how bad I felt before or how much energy I did NOT have until now that I have started feeling so good.   But now that my husband has had such great results in losing weight, I finally started the weight loss part this week.  I don't feel as hungry as I did before and I definitely don't feel like eating everything in site like I have in the past.

I'm also starting to exercise since I feel so good and have so much energy.  Exercise is a big part of losing weight - even if it is just walking each day.  But it is so very hard to start up...why does everything have to be so challenging?  D:

I sure don't mean to push this on people, but I have seen so many people start to feel so very good that I want to share it with everyone who may want it.

Please check out this site:

Please let me know what questions you have!  Thanks, Kathy

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2 Responses Apr 20, 2010

I started today and wow is all I can say. I have bronchitis and feel pretty crummy so I drank the tea first and really like the taste:) I do drink a lot of tea and this I enjoyed it more than the green tea I drink daily. I also took a xm am this morning and feel incredible. I still have my cough and head cold but I have a lot of energy and just have a great over all feeling. I have taken diet pills in the past and this is very different. I am excited to see how I feel as I continue on the product and how my family feels one they start on the smart mix products.

I have been doing Zija for a week now and nothing. No boost in energy, no weight loss. And can I say that the drink taste so bad that I nearly threw it up? Oh yeah, and the tea, just as bad. Any body else care to comment on the taste?