It hard to forget not even 1 month ago I was married and I though we Loved each other. Then I came home from work and he said he didn't love me anymore and he wanted a divorce. I was in Love with him how could he not be in Love with me! After a yr of him being out of a Job and all-most 26 yrs together. What is going on but he knew because in the next 2 or 3 all of it came out. He the man everyone not just me would say he loved Her/me. He was- I know some of you can see it coming I didn't- He was seeing some one a women he had introduced  me to as newly divorced lady that didn't know anyone. What a fool I was. I did see a lot of changes in him but without a job it could of been depression but Now I think I didn't want to see it. Some of my best friends seen something just didn't know what then he stopped being around them altogether.I didn't know that tell 1month before when one of the wives called to ask me if I knew how to get in touch with him. That made them sure that something was wrong they just didn't know how to ask. I didn't see them after because He told them I didn't want to come out or was to tired. All of it is now in Limbo not that I don't want to get him out of my life. The problem is that we have all this stuff together after 26 yrs it adds up. Let alone we have a Son He is 18 with his whole life to live, but that still puts together in the future. I can even cry to much because my son needs to still care about his DAD. As a kid my parents did it and I couldn't do that to my kid. So all I want to do is FORGET.

bubblestoyou bubblestoyou
Aug 30, 2008