I Want to Love Again..

...who said it would be easy...everything needs time.I want to love again.I want a second chance..I ll always have a special place in my heart for my prince..Love is a wonderful feeling,i think i deserve to be loved too.Probably not now,maybe after..i dont know coz love comes when u dont expect that.

And i know..i ll love again..

stars around us :)

annasangels annasangels
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

i agree. life is full of princes and princesses that will always be loved by us and hold a place in our hearts. and you should date again and become friends before using the "L" word. and marriage isn't something you just jump into. i myself am looking for and hoping for love again.

You're absolutely right! Love always comes when and where you least expect it. After I hit my breaking point I told myself that I would just simply never date again, that it wasn't even worth trying. Yet I find myself now with a girl so special it's like she came out of my dreams. I can hardly believe how lucky I am sometimes. I wish you all the best and suggest only that you ride life like a wave, let it take you to your rightful place. Enjoy the ride!

Angel, you know you are very special to me too. Loving yourself is first prize, once you do that, plenty more love will come your way. Everybody deserves to be loved, in many different ways. I love you in one of those facets!<br />

I know you deserve to be loved Angel never ever doubt that. Your an amazing young woman and I will always love you! You mean the world to me Angel. <br />
<br />
Your a very special part of my family, you will get many chances at love again, you will get your second chance and you will find happiness, for now just believe in yourself, love yourself, and the rest will happen for you. Right now Angel the most important thing is to learn to love yourself! You share some much love with the world its okay to keep some for yourself too! <br />
<br />
You deserve to be loved, you deserve to love yourself its okay! I love you more than words could ever say.