Is this really too much to ask for from someone!
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hi! i' daniel from portugal! 25 years... how are you doing my friends? :D i think the problem is that we want to love and be love in our own way. my problem is the phisic aspect... and you will have your own problems as well. i've met a lot of real ugly womem who had excellent personalities. some of you will understand others not, but the mais thing is that we have a problem created from the inside, by uself that it just seem to be harder to outcome in order to achive the goal we want, in this case... find love and give love.<br />
<br />
so... just because it's fryday and i'm really bored... if a girl wants to try live in portugal or find me job where she is... i will love her and be loved till the day i die no matter how she looks (i'm affraid right now). maybe this is the only way... you know... we're all here because we want to have a partner to laught when it falls from the bed or discuss how the fish you bouth in the market is a complete sheet and blame the other for having chosen that crappy food.

Some times I ask myself the same question!!<br />
and it seems to me that yes .. it's too much to ask :-(

Seems to be that way for a lot of people now a days. A lover should be someone you can trust with everything and always count on no matter what because this world is full of evil and we all need someone that is just ours.

sure feels like it's the mot difficut thing in the world, doesn't it?!!?