You Are Loved Unconditionally.

Dont you know?
You are loved Unconditionally already, scence your first breath into the world.
Theres a name for a love like that: Jesus.
He loves you so much he died for your sins, he gave his only son.
This is what he says:
"the very name i use to address you-
beloved--proclams how dearly i love you.
i showed you the full extent of my love by enduring humiliation, torture and death for you.
no greater love than this is possible, or even conceivable.
you have tucked into your memory many experiences of my unparalleled love.
i want you to dwell on these memories: enjoy them over and over again!
this practice will help convince your doubting heart that my extraordinary love is really yours.
every nano-second of this life and throughout eternity.
when you abide in me, you also abide in my love,
for i am love.
as you live close to me--communing with me more and more,
my living presence permeates your entire being.
this empowers you to trust in my unfailing love, secure in the salvation i won for you."
God bless.
RozaStephanie RozaStephanie
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 21, 2011

if most of that was love i wnt nothing to do wit love<br />
<br />
as far as alvation goes it has been made very clear to me it does not apply as i allowed adults to rap me as a child my a youth mminister and others from a church<br />
<br />
then later it was mad cear that because i loved a unclean person ther was no hope for me