A Feeling Of In This World Yet Not Of This World

a feeling of in this world yet not of this world every since i was the age of two i noticed many things i kept to myself so strangely an odd how people react to everything under the sun i felt different was calm an peaceful full of love an light an these people here did not have this an could never understand why my whole life has been plagued by darkness an misfortune as they say bad luck but i would smile an keep going have always felt an energy around me an a presence of light an goodness no matter what was happening in this world around me have wondered an asked god why am i here an as always the response is to share my light an love this world needs it in hopes that through my writings i can share some love an light

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1 Response Jan 9, 2012

Strange to read your writing “in the world and not of it”, I have also felt this several times. . . There have been times in my life where I felt as if I was an alien when compared with others around me. . . Other times I have thought that we are all aliens to this planet; some are just more aware than others. . . <br />
Sometimes folks seem so imprisoned by earthly distractions, that they fail to see their inner power, their inner beauty, , , their inner angle. . . nwm. . .